Cortex. The Anti-Consulting Company

We deliver innovative ventures.

We build technological SPVs for joint ventures, entrepreneurs, and professionals successful in conventional industries to materialize their vision into businesses that lead the transformation and steer the new economy.

We let founders skip the steps, protect them against re-inventing the wheel, cover them from the routine, allowing them to focus on innovation, customer development, and investor relationships.

We practice technology investment when impressive ideas get basic technology, consulting, and payment infrastructure at a symbolic cost.

Companies Built

InUnio – integrated pharmaceutical R&D platform for personalized medicine provides a broad portfolio of white-label cloud solutions for biobanks, laboratory equipment developers, biochemicals’ developers, laboratories, enhanced with end-to-end procurement/contract execution platform and unified data brokerage.

The world's first issuing and trading platform for technology metals connecting institutional investors, industrial hedgers, physical markets, and proprietary traders with metals issuers — miners, refiners, recyclers, and mints. Get more information on Nasdaq and PR Newswire.

The agrotech and fintech platform unites the top Russian farming industry network, sophisticated farm management software, and marketplace for agricultural inputs, amplified by disruptive financial services.

White-label technology for healthcare providers to deploy telemedicine as a service, creating online ecosystems to connect practitioners, patients, pharmacies, laboratories, and payment gateways.

Complex casino security surveillance system provider for situational management and accounting of incidents. The majority partner bought the SPV out. Cortex Technology holds exclusive rights for the software product.

A secure corporate messenger with end-to-end encryption and stored data protection supporting mobile and desktop platforms. Exit in 2020 on a USD eight-digit valuation.

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The Top custom software development company in the South of Russia with 18+ years of success with enterprise business and government customers like IKEA, Transneft, and various regional and national government authorities. The technology R&D subsidiary of Cortex Technology.

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Try SpellSystems' open source video-conferencing package:

An artificial intelligence platform provides surveyors with automatic quality control and categorization for fruits and vegetables.

Our Services


  1. Competitive analysis
  2. International arbitrage opportunities research
  3. Feasibility research: tech availability and labor availability
  4. Software specification development


  1. Custom Blockchain/On-chain distributed apps
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Mobile applications
  4. Marketplaces
  5. Messaging and collaboration
  6. Software Integration: payments/banking, exchanges/brokerage (FIX), KYC/KYB, sales, monitoring/reporting


  1. Brand identity
  2. UX/UI
  3. Web and social media presence


  1. UK
  2. UAE
  3. Switzerland
  4. Singapore
  5. Russia


  1. IP rights
  2. EULA
  3. Licensing: UK, UAE, Switzerland, Singapore
  4. Regulated Financial Products

Management and automation

  1. Development setup (SCRUM/KANBAN/Release Plans/Waterfall Iterations)
  2. Quality assurance setup
  3. Continued integration and maintenance setup
  4. Customer service and account management setup
  5. Customer relationships setup
  6. Accounting and taxation setup

Why Us

Cortex Technology Accelerator or incubator Venture fund Consulting company Software development firm
Technology development Yes No No No Yes
Business expertise Yes Yes Limited Yes No
Legal and tax expertise Yes Yes Limited Yes No
Direct funding/Help with fundraising Yes Yes Yes No No
Brand identity and public presence Yes Yes No Yes No
Tolerance for limited dedication Yes No No Yes Limited
Team onboarding and HR Yes Limited No No Limited
Internal procedures setup and automation Yes Limited No Limited No
Turnkey business building Yes No No No No
Priority The shortest time-to-market Pay fix price, do buy extras Next round valuation Less responsibility More working hours

Our Focus


Cortex. Proof of Concept
Joint Ventures

Technology is the key to dominance. We supply joint-ventures with independent technology to sew the partnership and keep balance and trust between participants.

Case Studies

  • Supply-chain wide projects
  • Fintech projects
  • Competitor alliances or customers base merges
  • Software product SVPs
  • Cross-industry projects and ecosystems
Anti-Consulting Services

The way to get ahead is to get started. However, it's overwhelming to step down from the corporate level or step up from sole practice. The founder or founders need to become experts in everything simultaneously. We create an innovative company as a moving vehicle ready for jumping in. We put the founder into the established environment by implementing conventional software startup practices from day 0.

Case Studies

  • Professional service startups
  • Social media or communicational startups
  • Marketplaces, e-commerce, and electronic trading startups
  • Software technology startups
Cortex. Business

We eliminate the miscoordination and counter-party risk when a tailored R&D business unit requires many consultants and service providers. We bring technologies, procedures, and approaches effective for purpose-driven small businesses.

Case Studies

  • Modern spin-offs of developed institutional players and global companies
  • In-house software development units
  • Experimental technology SPVs, corporate startups
  • Technology transfer projects
  • Ecosystems

Our achievements

Cortex Technology achievements

8 tech companies built from scratch in 4 countries

Portfolio companies’ exposure in 10 countries: UK, Switzerland, Iceland, Singapore, China, UAE, Russia, India, South Africa, and Haiti.

Over 100 employees

Over 100 software products

Over 1000 customers for software development

Great international environment and community for the success of our clients and partners

Clients Say

TM2. An issuing and trading blockchain platform

Working with Cortex Technology has been rewarding. They beat out 35 other teams around the world to develop this project. And it showed why from day one. Their great communication and ability to see deep into not just the technology itself, but the problems we were solving and how to solve them was a huge factor in our success.

Petur Georgesson. Managing Director – TM2

Fresh Scanner. An artificial intelligence platform for automating of quality control and categorization for fruits and vegetables

Cortex – a great start for the implementation of digital products for people who know the scope of this product, but do not have knowledge in the field of technical implementation The cortex approach allows you to quickly start and bring the idea to a practical test. In the development of the Cortex project, it is necessary to prepare more standard product offers and establish access to a wide range of investors who are ready to join in the development of projects at different stages of product development.

Evgeniy Nekrasov – Founder of Fresh Scanner

Aura. Complex casino security surveillance system provider

On one of the projects I faced the task of automating the situational centre for the casino security department. None of the existing companies on the market at that time could offer me good conditions for the price and timing, however, the budget was sufficient to be able to perform custom development. Specialized projects of this level are good niche products that can be replicated and scaled. Suddenly, I had an idea to make a company out of this with a product that could make a profit later and increase my professional competences in the eyes of my partners.
I asked Cortex Technology to create a company, design a product, and implement it for further development. I did not know until the end of what we will get, but I was confident in the good result, as Sergey always delivers, and it happened. I didn't have time to invest in such startup, but I had the opportunity to create a product. Cortex team did everything on a turnkey basis with minimal involvement from my side.

Grigoriy Orlov – Founder of Aura

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