Fresh Scanner

A platform for automating of quality control and categorization of fruits and vegetables with reports.

Our partner is a former top manager of one of the largest Russian retailers. Cortex acted as an executive and technology partner, responsible for legislation, HR, product management, customer relationships, project management, software development, IP rights protection, production, and general administration.

Cortex Technology successfully covers a fundraising direction.

On a technology level company provided a complete solution including:

  • A laboratory for digitizing the results of the product examination is created.
  • Databases of examination results are saturated. All the examinations meet the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) standards.
  • Neural network algorithms assess the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The software covers all the essential surveyors' business processes.

Project Facts

6 team members including 3 software developers
80k USD Budget
Revolutionary technology applied


The use of advanced developments in the field of image analysis using:

Convolutional neural networks, industrial applications (RetinaNET, G-NET, MASK-KST)
Canon cameras used in the scanner.
Sets of libraries and frameworks, such as Rutogsh +


  • Accuracy of 96%
  • A scanner
  • Databases conducted with the accordance with the UNECE and OECD standards
  • Product Quality Detection
  • Quality Category Detection
  • Defects Detection
Cortex. Fresh Scanner features



The project is getting to the revenue stage. These are the achievements that have been already integrated into one platform so far:

  • A hardware scanner for obtaining high-quality photographs has been built and tested.
  • A department of trade professionals has been formed to assess the quality of fruits and vegetables.
  • Data collection for machine learning is ongoing.
  • The software to evaluate the quality of fruits and vegetables has been developed.
  • The virtual personal cabinet of the expert receiver has been developed.
  • The automated process of forming reports has been developed.

Fresh Scanner Development Timeline

The Idea (4Q 2017)

  • We were approached by the client,wanting us to solve his product quality control issue. Once we had a clear understanding of what our client wanted to achieve, an action plan was developed.
Proof of

(3Q 2018- 4Q 2018)

  • After consulting with the industry professionals the technology stack was selected and the timeframe worked out. Project costs were calculated.
  • We developed the brand identity.
  • We registered a company under the name ”Neirofresh”.
  • We supplied the startup company with Programming professionals
  • A prototype of a scanner successfully constructed and tested together with our custom software.

(4Q 2018 - 3Q 2019)

  • During the preparations for the release of the MVP additional tests conducted.
  • The product achieved an accuracy of 96% for the quality category, 43% for defects.
  • MVP soon to be ready.
  • Agreement for further development of the product successfully signed after the latest tests.
  • Company applied for $100k grant.


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